A l33t form of the word "loot".
iM gunNa lewt j00r corpse wh0rez!!%^@151
by Kinetix August 14, 2003
Top Definition
money, prize, treasure, good stuff
0mg, i went on a dungeon raid today and got some phat lewt
by batman October 08, 2003
a "l337" term, an alternative for the word "loot" describing the prize you obtain for killing a mob or boss in a game.
check this shiznit, i wtfp0wned ragnaros and he dropped some ph4t a$$ lewts!!1one
by Faragord June 23, 2006
someone who was not before, but is now leet. b/c his cal-o team is 3-0. Cant get any leeter i say.
by Anonymous January 26, 2003
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