when you say hello in swedish, you can also say "lewl" ;)
tjenare lewl... hur e läget?
by mike March 29, 2003
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a derivitive of the acronym "lol," this word is often uses emphatically to mockingly describe the over-used internet expression of amusement.
<@Messiah> JORDAN = FAT THEO
<@soap> :D
<@Nobody> only I'm not girlish
<@Nobody> lewl
by nomadx July 24, 2003
Internet colloquialism related to lol or the common phoenetic version, lawl.
Lewl, pwned in teh face.
by Ashent May 10, 2006
Another term for 'lol'
lewl, so pwn.
by orf October 27, 2002
a derivitive of the acronym lol, mostly used to make fun of retarded Silver Rangers.
@ImRocky: lewlmandaii.
by lewlslp May 06, 2008
another word for "LOL", laughing
buddlighter sucks at pking, Lewls!
by dormanwrestler3 January 01, 2011
Originated from "lool" , "loooool" etc

dont add a definition if you dont know shit
lewl at all the other entries, lool.
by asdf987sdf987sdf987sdf987 February 07, 2013
an expression used to express laughter, from the term lol which then became "LOLL" which then became "LEWL"
Me: did you hear about the fire at the circus? it was inTENTS.
stacey: LEWL.!
by mikiMASSACRE July 11, 2008

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