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Internet colloquialism related to lol or the common phoenetic version, lawl.
Lewl, pwned in teh face.
by Ashent May 10, 2006
77 27
a derivitive of the acronym "lol," this word is often uses emphatically to mockingly describe the over-used internet expression of amusement.
<@Messiah> JORDAN = FAT THEO
<@soap> :D
<@Nobody> only I'm not girlish
<@Nobody> lewl
by nomadx July 24, 2003
203 82
Another term for 'lol'
lewl, so pwn.
by orf October 27, 2002
69 59
a derivitive of the acronym lol, mostly used to make fun of retarded Silver Rangers.
@ImRocky: lewlmandaii.
by lewlslp May 06, 2008
24 20
Originated from "lool" , "loooool" etc

dont add a definition if you dont know shit
lewl at all the other entries, lool.
by asdf987sdf987sdf987sdf987 February 07, 2013
7 4
another word for "LOL", laughing
buddlighter sucks at pking, Lewls!
by dormanwrestler3 January 01, 2011
4 1
an expression used to express laughter, from the term lol which then became "LOLL" which then became "LEWL"
Me: did you hear about the fire at the circus? it was inTENTS.
stacey: LEWL.!
by mikiMASSACRE July 11, 2008
10 15