In golf, a term used on the green when a putted ball circles (lips) the hole and fails to fall in.
Oh, sorry Bill, you got a lewinsky...all lips and no hole.
by Lynski August 13, 2007
A blow job. Named after Monica Lewinski, who was invoved in the Bill Clinton sex scandal.
" get on your knees and give me a quick Lewinsky "
by kingbert July 01, 2013
A phenomenon in cornhole in which the tosser manages to land the bag in such a manner that the bag is hanging on the lip of the hole, yet it does not actually fall in. Also can be referred to as "All lip and no hole". (Phenomenon also occurs in golf, basketball, etc)
-Ahh, its right there on the rim but it won't fall in. Damn.
-Among the professionals, we call that the Lewinsky; all lip and no hole.
by GillyVI January 15, 2009
Literally "son or descendant of Levi", thus a Levi (or Levite). The name is Ashkenazic Jewish in origin.
Surprisingly, there was a noble family in Poland named Lewinski (according to Wikipedia). Monica Lewinsky (as far as I know or care to know... well, as far as I know; though now I'm interested in looking up whether Miss Lewinsky) is not related to the Jewish nobles in Poland.
by Nickidewbear August 18, 2011
A verb meaning to commit adultery, after Bill Clinton's 1998 scandalous affair with an 18-year-old White House intern.
She caught her husband in the act of lewinskying last night.
by GuidoPosse69 March 01, 2005
the personal slut for a political figure.
hello cutie, < 1 hour later> ohh ohh yea im pregnant now! time for abortion. keep lewinskying me
1. An excuse used by desperate right-wing politicians to undershadow the fact that even a political moderate has been proven to be far better for the economy and most social and environmental issues than any conservative president before or after.
2. A blow job.
3. A media whore.
1. Wow, John Kerry is up in the polls because he's exponentially more intelligent than our piece-of-shit candidate? We need a Lewinsky! Call the swift boat vets!
2. Your mom gave me a nice Lewinsky last night.
3. Paris Hilton is such a Lewinsky...
by Andy November 29, 2004
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