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1. A word "invented" by EA to describe Dynamic Levels in Battlefield 4 at their conference at Gamescom 2013. Probably a marketing gimmick to the dudebro community.
2. An Anazasi word "to blind with science", but I'm not that sure.

3. A word I feel is used in a conspiracy to kill off the English language, both English AND American. Drivitar would be another word to fit in this category.

Note: That EA conference happened in the same hour as this was written.
1. Dude, this game was hard, but the levolution worked to my favour. thank you based DICE!
2. I just told my Amish cousin about the Big Bang Theory. I gave him a levolution.
3. Lol dude mah Drivitar sez get dat L33T N00B Levolution HaXX0R.
by Cobishow August 20, 2013
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