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1. an incredibly attractive teacher that all the heterosexual guys would like to pork


2. to engage in sexual intercourse with a teacher
1. Holy shit dude, Ms. Mitchell is a total letourneau

2. I'd like to letourneau Ms. Applegate.
by Ruth Bader Ginsberg October 23, 2004
a beautiful french last name that means black bird (NOT IN ANY WAY RELATED TO MARY KAY LETOURNEAU-LETOURNEAU IS HER HUSBANDS LAST NAME!)
Odie: "hey jen"
Jen: "yeah?"
Odie: "i like the french!"
Jen: "thanks!"
by DQIT and WIAAN April 30, 2005
adj, to easily fall for something from a forum, including clicking on goatse links, and looking for the definition of letourneau
you went here because kane asked you to look it up you silly letourneau fool
by HoboPeeingSwiftly August 22, 2004