I, Lestat, am sick of people pronouncing my fucking name incorrectly.
by Lestat Vaughan October 11, 2003
lestat de lioncourt...he is an awesome vampire...when i read the first part of the vampire chronicles by anne rice...i didn´t like him first...but in the second and third part i really started to like him very much!!he is a great vamp!!hehe...akasha (me..haha)wants him....especially the actor...hehe!!
come out,come out....wherever you are!!!
by akasha September 01, 2004
gay term - The person that turned a straight guy gay.
Hey Brad, meet my lestat ! My first ! He is the one who turned me out.
by bjscorpio October 24, 2005
lestat is part of the manw!ch that goes in between Pak!TerrOr and Morimoto
PM Lestat on IRC
by Pak!TerrOr April 09, 2003

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