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the female version of bromance, a combination of the word lesbian and romance.

also known as "sismance" or "lezmance".
lesmance defines the sexual relationship between two females.
"sismance", in comparison is a relation closer to friends or sisters than a romantic relationship.
"Ey, dude, did you see Sarah and Kate making out hard-core last night at the party?"
"Yeah man, it was a total sismance."

"No no no, more like a lesmance. They were practically having sex."
"Wish I could've seen that..."
by hooglebooglefoogle October 24, 2011
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new tv show on mtv about girls who have affection for their friends. like a 'bromance'
dude, those girls have some serious lesmance. they never are seperated
by woohooily November 30, 2010

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