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Straight girls who are friends, but act like lesbians, i.e. making out with each other at a bar, just to get guys attention

Girls who are such good friends that you kinda assume that they are more than just friends
Did you see those girls all over each other on the dance floor?
Don't buy into that man, they are just lesbefriends.
by NantucketJoe March 16, 2009
A close friend that is a lesbian, either a dom, fem, butch, or bi.

Term used by males to describe thier lesbian friends... or friends the suspect they are lesbians.
"Lex and Bruiser are two of the most laid back les-be-friends I ever had."
by xCOBRA_CLUTCHx March 25, 2004
what females usually say to guys following the question "will you go out with me." usually said in a quick fashion followed by walking or running away from the asker.
Guy: will you be my girlfriend..?

Girl: (quickly says) lesbefriends and runs away.
by big burns January 12, 2008
reference to gay female/s
john: check it out, 2 chicks kissing

toni: damn, they must be lesbefriends
by 2eight July 31, 2008

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