a term used to describe a form of sexual intercourse
aisling: did you get the lep last night??!
#ride #shag #sex #getting your hole #sellotape
by neilea March 03, 2009
Top Definition
a ball. probably the most pointless definitions you learn in school
a lep is a ball, remember... a lep is a ball
#ball #korf #tay #pillot #veck
by bigmeg456 October 13, 2007
ball, from the analogies section of the SAT
Dude, you just hit me in the leps
by Polar bear March 03, 2005
To french-kiss, kiss with tongue, snog, pash, etc. Often doubled (lep-lep) to mean "have sex with", or used as an adjective (lep-able) to describe someone good looking.

It comes from the word leap, with the idea being that you jumped on someone -> leaped someone -> lepped someone

Areas used: Ireland and Northern Ireland
Ruth: Did ya lep him last night?

Lisa: Yeah, but we didn't lep-lep or anything

Ruth: Why, do you not think he's leppable?

Lisa: Yeah, he's leppable, but I've just met him. Soon though!

Ruth: Lucky thing - I'm dying for a lep-lep
#lep #snog #shift #pash #kiss #leppable #leptastic #lep-lep #shag
by Sentasty August 18, 2010
A form of goodbye or a way to end a conversation. Originating from the use of "later" when departing from colleagues.
I'll see you tomorrow, LLLLLEP!
by Andrew Stephenson April 05, 2005
Little Evil Person
"Ha ha, I just stole your book"

"give it back you Lep"
#lep #l.e.p #little #evil #person #bitch #small #big #hero #awesome #animal
by Rattyrat November 09, 2010
1. The response to a typo.
2. A message sent immediately after someone else has just misspelled a word, before they can fix it with and asterisk.
"Eat my carp," says Rich. Kurt responds with a witty, "Lep!"
by Kurt G. May 01, 2004
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