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A magical animal that tells where to find Candy Mountain. Shun the non-believers.
"its a leopluordon, charlie"
"a magical leoplurodon"
"its gonna guide our way to Candy Mountain."
by ur cool January 24, 2007
Actually spelt Liopleurodon (Leo-PLOO-ra-don, meaning 'smooth-sided tooth')
It is a genus of Pliosaurs, which were large, carnivorous marine reptiles that lived during the Mid to Late Jurassic Period (c. 160 million to 155 million years ago)
Four strong paddle-like limbs suggest that Liopleurodon was a powerful swimmer. Its four-flipper mode of propulsion is characteristic of all plesiosaurs. A study involving a swimming robot has demonstrated that although this form of propulsion is not especially efficient, it provides very good acceleration - a desirable character in a predator. Studies of the skull have showed that it could probably scan the water with its nostrils to ascertain the source of certain smells. Liopleurodon was carnivorous and it is unlikely that it had many, if any, predators.

"its a leoplurodon, charlie"
by phillip.L. March 03, 2007
A magical creature featured in the video Charlie: Candy Mountain.
It's a leoplurodon, Charlie! A magical leoplurodon!
by Peter Webb January 27, 2007
Noun: A mystical and magical creature from the Unicorn realm, that takes the occupation of a tour guide to the mythological Candy Mountain. Commonly seen lying on a rock.
"It's a Leoplurodon!"
"Magical Leoplurodon!"
by Leeeeroooy Jeeeenkiiiiiinsssss August 20, 2013
a large dinosaur like creature that guides the unicorn way to candy mountain...
its a leopluron a magical leoplurodon.
by Eliza/ezzi December 16, 2008
The thing that leads Charlie and his two annoying friends to candy mountain.!
"It's the magical leoplurodon, Charileee!"
by Mariaaaa January 26, 2007
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