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Means 'lion' or 'lioness' - a girl who is brave and has a strong heart. Is a wonderful lover and likes it on top. The most loyal person you will ever meet. A gorgeous girl inside and out. And when she hugs, she hugs!
person B - i think i found my soulmate
person A - you must have found a leonie!
by he'saman November 17, 2008
An extremely pretty girl, who has a naughty sexy side to her. She can be shy at first and getting to know her can be tricky, but once you're her friend, you're counted as one of the luckiest people alive. She is a trustworthy friend who will stand by you no matter what. She is a great girl and a good kisser too. Any boy would be lucky to have her, but if he doesn't treat her right, he'll have many angry friends on his case. Leonie's can stand up for them selves but sometimes just need someone to be there for them - a shoulder to cry on. She tends to get on better with boys than girls because she thinks it's less drama. She is caring, loving and is naturally stunning. She is always there for those around her and is ready to give top class advice. One of the best friends you will ever have.
Guy 1: Hey dude, did you see that new girl? She's seems amazing!
Guy 2: Yeah, she's a Leonie.

Guy 1: Haha, SHOTGUN!!
by munched December 02, 2012
The coolest kid in the world, who only has cool friends. a party animal, who sometimes drinks a little bit too much. A REAL LION. GRRR
Woah is that a leonie?! I wish i knew her!
by Lijpo May 22, 2009
An extremely naughty girl, who's really pretty.
She is really shy and is most likely to have a boyfriend.
But once she isn't around her boyfriend but with other boys she can be really naughty and flirty.
Everyone thinks she is really royal, but when you really know her you will see that she isn't.
Person #1: Hey bro, have you heard?
Person #2: Heard what?
Person #1: That girl is a real Leonie.
by anonydictionary September 09, 2016
Comes from Latin word: Lustous

She likes it with her friends.

She like to borrow Library Books.
All Boys look at her with love.
Her pencil case is always full.
All of her friends worship her every move (even in the toilet)
Boy1: Daammmn These people keep following me around.
Boy 2: Your girlfriend must be a Leonie

Girl1: Giiirrrl you look hot tonight!!
Girl2: I need to borrow a library book.
by Georgeloofa November 30, 2011
The alcoholic of the group. Nearly always the first to get drunk and make a fool of herself, and will probably end up in a council flat with dozens of kids. A lovely girl at heart, who is good to talk to and the life and soul of every party
Where's Leonie?
Passed out in the toilet..
by superchic2010 December 01, 2010
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