verb: to stun someone with your beauty....
noun:a total hottie, usually has blue eyes and shaggy brown hair. you totally want him in your pants.

ex. (verb) Wow, did you see him!??? He's gorgeous! such a lemonhead!!!!
ex. (noun) i want that lemonhead in my pantelones.
by Dat Mamolly April 03, 2008
A straight lame ass nigga.
Shawty, don't call dem lemon heads over here, those fuck niggas gon blow my high.
by Red Velvet June 20, 2006
Racial slang for an Asian, based on eye shape and yellowish skin tones.
I called the lemonhead restaurant and ordered some eggroll.
by Woadie McChoaderson December 19, 2002
n. the head of an asian man's penis.
Jane: "Man that lemon head tasted so fucking good last night!"
Julia: "Omfg yeah, the best kind of lemon head is the mongolian type... I love Mongolian BBQ."
by Andriznles & MC Derf July 29, 2006
When someone sucks you off with yellow teeth.
She gave me some bomb lemon-head last night!
by Jal&Sav June 13, 2016
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