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A form of visual "hypnosis" used to make people think, at first glance and hopefully longer, that you are more attractive than you actually are through the use of long, shapely legs coupled with:

- short skirts
- short shorts (aka Daisy Dukes)
- high heels
- eye-catching stockings, tights or pantyhose.

The goal is to divert attention from one's plain or unattractive face, or otherwise unattractive body. This purposeful deception falls between "accentuating the positives" of one's appearance and actually undergoing cosmetic surgery or liposuction.
"Those Coco Loco skanks always show up on weekends and use legnosis to try and attract guys. However, once the guys take a long, second look, the legnosis is dispelled and they are not duped by the subterfuge. Pudgy or ditzy, with too much make-up, I hope those skanks don't become skankasaurus-rexes."
by One Stark Reality April 11, 2008
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