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The combining of the words legendary and epic. To be extremely amazing.
"Hey bro, that's a pretty sick shirt."

"It isn't just sick- it's legepic."


That movie was pretty good, but it wasn't anywhere near legepic levels.
by DK14 September 30, 2009
A combination of the words "legitimate" and "epic." Something that is heroic, majestic, and impressively great as well as, not spurious or unjustified; genuine.
"Dude, did that hippo just bite that car in half?!"
"Yeah man, that was totally legepic!"
by Jelliott October 11, 2009
1. The Legendary of Epicness.
2. The state of being Legendary and Epic at the same time.

3. Legitly Epic/Epically Legit.
4. Something Above All.
Dude that is waaaay better then being insanely awesome, that was Legepic.
by DSEL November 04, 2010

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