A righthandman for a left hander
I'm lefthanded so I have a lefthandman instead of a righthandman.
by UJ the boss January 05, 2012
Top Definition
A man who is being seen on the side by a woman who has another man who is her boyfriend.
Lady, running down to the riptide
Taken away to the dark side
I wanna be your left-hand man

--Vance Joy, "Riptide"
by purplebackpack89 August 18, 2014
1. In a wedding party, the next ranking groomsman after the best man. Often the X-factor at the bachelor party, and wedding reception responsible for turning things up a notch.

2. On a gang or team, the third ranking member. Often a wild card or tough guy.
"After winning and then losing 3 grand at the blackjack tables, I brought a couple strippers back to the bachelor party suite, and finished them both off. Just another night glorious night as a left hand man."

Historical examples: Mr. T in The A-Team, Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover, Dennis Rodman on the Chicago Bulls, Raphael from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', Will Ferrel in 'Old School', Booger in 'Revenge of the Nerds',
by buster chestnutz March 27, 2010
I want to be a partner with you. Before medical science discovered how the circulatory system functioned, people believed that a vein ran directly from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart. Because of the hand-heart connection, they chose the descriptive name vena amoris, Latin for the vein of love (get your mind out of the gutter, I am saying LOVE), for this particular vein. That is why the fourth finger of the left hand is the ring finger, indicating commitment. In Jance's song I believe he is talking about wanting to marry someone.
Will you be with me forever, I want to be your left hand man.
by Phronimon December 13, 2014
A guy who will cockblock an entire friendship group of males from impressing a female by making some stupid comment, so she looses respect for the other males as she thinks their all going to be like that.
All the guys thought hey this girl is good fun we've got banter.

The left hand man started to meticulously pick apart all the random sweeping statements, turning the event into a boring moan at the female not giving enough facts in the pub on a friday night!
by Sazzy J March 30, 2014
The lowest ranking male in a gang bang with 3 or more guys and only one woman.
"Ron Jeremy wasn't always the king of the porn world. Rumor has it he was originally the left hand man in a few John Holmes movies (citation needed)."
by buster chestnutz March 29, 2010
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