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1. A main tank gun operated by an experienced player who can regularly shoot down helicopters or destroy extreme distance targets with said gun.

2. A Grenade Launcher or RPG fired from a transport helicopter acheiving at least one infantry kill or two direct hits on a tank.

3. Any large projectile weapon used in situations not intended by the designer, such as firing a grenade launcher at a helicopter.

Put simply, a leetcannon is a noobcannon used in an uncommon fashion by people with skill. Uses like the above require skill, practice, and a small dose of luck. Also spelled l33tcannon or 1337cannon.
Player #1: Check this guy out, he just killed that tank form the helo!

Player #2: Holy $#!^ hitting a moving target from a moving target? No effing way

Player #3: Yes way! leetcannon pwn@g3.
by l33tnoncamper September 15, 2010
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