(n) Online comic.
did u see that site leetspeek? it 0wnz j00 f00!
by Teh Deputy November 21, 2003
Top Definition
commonly refered to as 733+ 533|<

the writing of words and phrases using all non-letters.
1)/|/|1|2|20|2 /|/|1|2|20|2 0/|/ 73# |/|/411, |/|/#0 15 73# 1337357 0|= 7#3/|/| 411 (leet speek)

Mirror mirror on teh wall, who is teh leetest of them all(normal speek)

2)\/\/00+(leet speek)

woot(normal speek)
by Menlo Park October 19, 2005
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