cool words like L337 and PWN3D gamers use.
man that n00b tried to step up to my 1337 skills and got pwn3d!
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
it's l33t speak tards, or l337
l33t speak
by exodus April 29, 2004
1. Common language in games used by prepubescent males, usually those with intelligence quotients lower than 80 or just those that have no outside lives. Usually used by caucasians as black people and mexicans can rarely afford computers that keep up with the latest games.

2. Toned down version of English containing no large words and involves concentrating mental energy on deciphering the random sequence of numbers and symbols passed off as "words" Probably the most advanced thing "13375p33k" users can accomplish
Leetspeak = 13375p33k

I win, I beat you = 1 p@wn3d jo0 n00bzOrZ!

Cheater!, Hacker! = OMFG HAxXORz!
by Crunkonius July 24, 2005
Mis-spelled version of "LeetSpeek".
<lam3r> Woowow! Leetspeak!
<h4x0r> OMG PLZ, its LeetSpeek.
<lam3r> OIC!
by Teh Deputy November 24, 2003

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