Epic mother fucking band.
Usually unknown to the douchebag kids of today.
"Hey let's listen to some Led Zeppelin."
Dumbass: "Is that a designer purse?"
"No bitch. Fuck you." *Gets cut*
by A God. June 05, 2009
Do they need a description?
hey led zeppelin, did you know that when Jesus returns, he's bringing john bonham with him?
by Jameseus January 15, 2009
The greatest band to ever walk the Earth.
I once told someone (this is true) "It is said that when God created Earth He rested on the 7th day. Well, the truth to that is on the 7th day, God created Led Zeppelin, on the 8th day, He rested."

Also, i read somewhere that when Zeppelin released Led Zeppelin I, the planets aligned and the world was at peace. When they broke up in 1980, things fell apart. Now, there are wars, the economy is crashing, things are not as they used to be.

With Jimmy Page's amazing guitar work inside the studio and on stage, with Plant's amazing vocal range, with Bonzo's insane drumming, and with John Paul Jones's ability to play just about every instrument out there, They made a supergroup so super, they will be talked about for centuries to come.
May Bonzo rest in peace.
Could you think of a more amazing guitar solo than those of Heartbreaker, Stairway, or Achilles Last Stand?

Plus, you gotta love Jimmy's acoustic work.
Led Zeppelin will always be known as #1.
by Mr. Pierce28 December 28, 2008
Listen to Stairway to Heaven, you'll understand. Led Zeppelin at his best.
by Jimmy Page FOREVER!!! November 19, 2008
The greatest band that will ever live.
The best part is that they're going on tour again!
Guy 1:"Dude, Led Zeppelin is the pimpshit. I wish they would reunite."
Guy 2:"Are you fucking stupid?! They already did!"
Guy 1:"w00t!"
by BennyBear November 16, 2008
A band that some people like to diss. So I'm a fanboy? Even though I know all of there discography and album lengths? And can you stop with all this "Led-Zeppelin stole other peoples songs" crap? It's getting old. And think up more things than "over-rated", you lousy trolls.
Trolls:"Oh my god, Led-Zeppelin is so over-rated!"

Me:"How so?"

Trolls:"People only know songs like stairway and Kashmir."

Me:"*Sigh*, No, they don't. you're just denying the simple fact that a lot of people know a lot more than those songs"

Trolls:"No, I'm not."

Me:"*chooses to be the bigger man and walks away*"
by Stevie23123 October 24, 2008
A rock band that completetly conquers all that came after.
1. Lame guy: Dude slipknot is so good zomg!!!
Awesome guy: I will crush you

2. Punk rock tried to destroy led zeppelin, but zeppelin was far too strooongg!
by sproat_master October 20, 2008

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