An amazing rock band from the seventies, arguably the best rock band ever. If you like rock, and haven't listened to them, do so.
"Hey i just bought the new live Zeppelin album"

"Dude, they rock"
by Adaon August 01, 2003
The only band from the seventies that can rock this seventeen-year-old's fucking world.
Holy Shit, I was born in the wrong decade; I wanna see Zeppelin.
by Word Up July 25, 2003
itz a band. and they own big time
their newest cd "how the west was won" is soooo great! if u havent bought it already, then do so cuz ur missing out.
by razberriezipper July 23, 2003
An one of the greatest bands on the stage, as well as in the studio, and the new DVD proves it :D
Dude, Led Zeppelin's live album, How the West was Won, topped the billboard charts last month until Metallica's St. Anger, an album with trash cans for drums, knocked it off. Right when all was right with the world, this happens....
by Rich June 25, 2003
a great band from the late 60s to 70s; named by Keith Moon of The Who; Puff Daddy ruined Kashmir, while Rage did a good job on "Wake Up"...
"That'll go over like a led zeppelin"
by Akalior L. Majixx June 02, 2003
The best 70s/80s band out there. If you don't like Led Zeppelin, you sir are an idiot (and probably need hearing aids).
Person 1: dang Led Zeppelin is so good. Every word is a poem.

Person 2: screw you man every letter is a poem
by Starkasm March 12, 2015
One of the greatest rock bands of all time. They are actually not that overrated, since most of the music fans today listen to the bullshit preppy preteen boy bands, while led zeppelin has music that can appeal to everyone. They didn't make every single song in the world about a failing relationship, they weren't cliche, and they had talent.

I have been called off as a hater for not liking 1D, 5SOS, and R5. But I honestly hate fangirling. I find it to be a worse internet gimmick than trolling.
Led Zeppelin released the album Houses Of The Holy in 1973.
by ledzeppelin1 August 19, 2014

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