Ok ok, here me out. Led Zeppelin is Great. but i think they are totally over rated. almost every one around here who likes Led zeppelin doesnt know anything about rock music or Led Zeppelin
Me: Hey you like Led zeppelin?
by Elliotousley15 March 19, 2007
A very good band.. but also a very overrated band.. if you say you like Led Zeppelin but all you can say is YEEEY STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN AND ROCK AND ROLL AND KASHMIR i luvvv them omgo mogm ogm omg ... you are wrong ... im not saying those songs are bad .. im just saying that you are not a true Led Zep fan.. and you need to listen to songs like Celebration Day, Out On The Tiles, and Gallows Pole and things like that .. tahts the real Led ... and they did not spawn heavy metal... heavy metal... is gay .. and sad... bye
yeey Stairway to Heaven .. I LUVV LED ZEP

by benji March 30, 2005
The most perfect rock and roll band in history.
Stairway to Heaven, Going to California, When the Levee Breaks, Black Dog, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Dazed and Confused, Over the Hills and Far Away, Whole lotta Love, Immigrant Song, Communication Breakdown, Good Times Bad Times...Led Zeppelin produces perfection.
by Fishinsolitude July 19, 2015
The best fucking rock band of all time with hits such as: Black Dog, Stairway to heaven, Rock n Roll, Misty Mountain Hop, and many more rockin songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rock n roll will rule the world one day and Led Zeppelin will be Dictator of the Non-Belivers and god to the rockers.
by Alyssa Romano May 23, 2008
One of the most influential bands. Made of John Paul Jones, John Henry Bonham, James Patrick Page, and Robert Plant, these four musicians formed in 1968 as the New Yardbirds, but were renamed Led Zeppelin based of a joke made by Relf and Keith Moon. The band dominated the USA, and quickly dominated England, displaced the Beatles on the Top Albums, and created its own universe.

Simply put: They're so effing good that you really can't put them in a category.....it's better that way.

If compared to other musicians of today, the person who compared them with some other pop artist or "rock" artist (ex: People think Daughtry is rock...it isn't) will be attacked and not be charged.
Person 1: Dude, you should totally listen to the Jonas Bros. They're WAY better than Led Zeppelin.

Person 2: What did you say? You think that three good-looking preps who strum chords about some cheesy
episodes of a High School Musical story are actually BETTER THAN LED ZEPPELIN?

Person 1: Well-

Person 2: Answer carefully...your life depends on it.

Person 1: Yes?

(Person 2 commences mauling and amputation of person 1)


Police: What's going on here?!

Person 2: He said today's music was better than Led Zeppelin

(Police ponders for a bit)

Police: Oh ok, go on ahead.

(Recommence the beating)
by Diego Ugaz May 12, 2008
The Greatest band of all time. Period. They have awesome songs and one who disagrees: FUCK YOU!!!
Also Led Zeppelin is what is defined as Real Music ot Rock Music, not boys like girls or MCR or Panic, at the disco or fall out boy
Led Zeppelin is the greates band ever
by Zeppelin 7312 March 26, 2008
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