The best band of all time (tied wit the rolling stones), and im 14, todays youth loves oldies
I like the songs "Stairway to Heaven," and "Battle of Evermore" by Led Zeppelin
by jewboy February 10, 2004
one of the greatest rock bands in theo world
i cant believe no one said that over the hills and far way was the best led zeppelin song
by anon January 29, 2004
Definitly one of the best classic rock bands of all time. famous for such hits as: Dazed and Confused, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, going to california, and the infamous Stairway To Heaven. With Jimmy page on guitar, john bonham on drums, john paul jones on bass guitar, and robert plant with his whaling vocals, changed the way rock n' roll is played today.
Whatever did happen to real good music? Now with all the pop culture and rap, is there any room for good ol' rock 'n roll? I'm only 15 and even i know what good music is.
"All i see turns to brown, as the sun burns the ground.
And my eyes fill with sand, as i scan this wasted land.
Trying to find, trying to find, where I've been."

Long Live Led Zeppelin
by Lizzie January 27, 2004
Zeppelin is God!!!they rule all, and always will...for those of you who dont listen to the Led need to be shot, and brutally tortured...
Oh my Zeppelin!!!!
by Kasia December 20, 2003
The best band ever, fellow teens please understand that rap is destroying the world and your eardrums.Listen to some proper music u losers
Led zeppelin IV is the best album ever
by Tom December 12, 2003
The band that the phrase'SEX DRUGS & ROCK AND ROLL'was practically coined for. Performed the best song ever written for various reasons, Stairway To Heaven. What every person over the age of 13 should know: Robert Plant (vocals), Jimi Page (lead guitar), John Paul Jones (bass/keyboard), John Bonham (drums).
To be a rock and not a roll
by Sam December 06, 2003
The greatest band ever. Ever. EVER.
Just to prove the top definition wrong, I'm 16.
'nuff said.
by Nick December 06, 2003

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