the best fucking band that was ever created
No one rocked, rocks, or will ever rock as hard as Led Zeppelin
by dsfhgtrjhrtazshtrjhraz April 07, 2010
On the 7th day, God created the greatest band ever. He named them Led Zeppelin.
Person 1: Led Zeppelin is the best band ever.
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 3: Agreed.
Person 4: Definitely.
Person 5: For sure.
by overthehillsandfaraway October 24, 2009
THE greatest band to ever exist. anybody who who thinks shitty pop bands and hip hop are better you are either deaf or retarded.
Person 1: Pete Townshend is better than Jimmy Page!

Person 2: I respect your opinion, but no contest. Led Zeppelin always wins.

Person 3: I dono watchow bitch asses are talkin about!!! Kanye West is da shit!!!

Persons 1 and 2: Shut the fuck up!!
by rockerfanatic12345 September 14, 2009
Led Zeppelin is unquestionably the single greatest band of all time. Robert Plant's fantastic vocals, Jimmy Page's amazing and insane guitar solos reaching from a far eastern influence to southern blues, John Bonham's amazing drum's, particularly on Moby Dick, and John Paul Jone's fantastic keyboard & bass playing.

To you haters: You probably spend your days plowing goats, Led Zeppelin is one of the most influential hard rock bands of all time. Fuck you. You're just jealous that you have no fucking talent and are a bunch of fucking posers. Go listen to your fucking rap (which isn't fucking music) and masturbate to pictures of spongebob.
Led Zeppelin's music is so amazing that no other band will ever be able to match it.
by psas September 08, 2009
A British band formed in 1968 with an amazing amount of talent and the most insane fanbase imaginable. Granted, each member was great at what he did and that they will remain one the greatest rock bands ever. But despite that, not all their songs are that grand and many of their albums are full of average to above-average songs and a few really good ones.

It's their fanbase which really ticks people off and is making me almost reject their music itself. Talk about any band and some LZ fan will butt in and say "Led Zep is best!". They religiously treat them as 'gods' of rock and the slightest criticism results in a crazy hissy fit. It's like criticising it really is against the law. You're aloud to criticise any band in the world whether it be the Beatles or Pink Floyd but not Led Zep.
Guy 1: So who do you think are better? The Beatles or the Rolling stones?
Guy 2: Well I think it's...
Random LZ fan: Omg! Both suck! Led Zeppelin is best!
Guy 1: I't's not that great.
Random LZ fan: No way! How can you say that? Led Zeppelin are gods! They're the greatest rock band ever!!!
Guy 2: Yeah, whatever.
by Sanitykiller July 09, 2009
Epic mother fucking band.
Usually unknown to the douchebag kids of today.
"Hey let's listen to some Led Zeppelin."
Dumbass: "Is that a designer purse?"
"No bitch. Fuck you." *Gets cut*
by A God. June 05, 2009
The greatest band to ever walk the Earth.
I once told someone (this is true) "It is said that when God created Earth He rested on the 7th day. Well, the truth to that is on the 7th day, God created Led Zeppelin, on the 8th day, He rested."

Also, i read somewhere that when Zeppelin released Led Zeppelin I, the planets aligned and the world was at peace. When they broke up in 1980, things fell apart. Now, there are wars, the economy is crashing, things are not as they used to be.

With Jimmy Page's amazing guitar work inside the studio and on stage, with Plant's amazing vocal range, with Bonzo's insane drumming, and with John Paul Jones's ability to play just about every instrument out there, They made a supergroup so super, they will be talked about for centuries to come.
May Bonzo rest in peace.
Could you think of a more amazing guitar solo than those of Heartbreaker, Stairway, or Achilles Last Stand?

Plus, you gotta love Jimmy's acoustic work.
Led Zeppelin will always be known as #1.
by Mr. Pierce28 December 28, 2008
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