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A rooster.
My rooster is 7 inches long.
by Jeydehn November 27, 2004
A living founderer of Dark Neopaganism.

Most popular books:
-Nocturnal Witchcraft
-Gothic Grimoire
Dark Neopaganism combines meta-physics, religion, and wicca.
by Jeydehn December 23, 2004
I would like to correct El Fredo by saying that a joth dresses as they please- but usually in goth or punk clothing. Usually has index and pinky fingers painted black on both hands for boys and girls.
-That joth over there listens to Anti-Flag-

-"Should I wear the HIM (his infernal majesty) shirt, or the Metallica Master of Puppers shirt?"

"Ask Evan- he's a joth."
by Jeydehn September 11, 2004
Synonym for Heavenly Orgy
It is not spelled Led Zepplin
by Jeydehn November 27, 2004
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