A rock band that completetly conquers all that came after.
1. Lame guy: Dude slipknot is so good zomg!!!
Awesome guy: I will crush you

2. Punk rock tried to destroy led zeppelin, but zeppelin was far too strooongg!
by sproat_master October 20, 2008
A band that rocked the world that had its name suggested by John Entwistle and Keith Moon of The Who. They owned all the bands from the year 1969-1980 in which the band broke up because there drummer John Bonham died in his sleep from drowning in his own vomit. Their last album was released in 1982. They formed in 1968 and the band was originally named The New Yardbirds. The Band consisted of Robert PLant on vocals, Jimmy Page on Guitar, Mandolin, And Banjo, John Baldwin a.k.a. John Paul Jones on bass and keyboard, and John Bonham on drums. They Broke numerous records Previously held by the beatles and sold out giant stadiums. They're fucking amazing and no other band will ever live up to them
That band is a true Led Zeppelin
by Cody de Abingdon August 07, 2008
The Greatest band of all time. Period. They have awesome songs and one who disagrees: FUCK YOU!!!
Also Led Zeppelin is what is defined as Real Music ot Rock Music, not boys like girls or MCR or Panic, at the disco or fall out boy
Led Zeppelin is the greates band ever
by Zeppelin 7312 March 26, 2008
The ZEP took flight in 1968 and crashed landed, with the death of their drummer--Bonzo--in 1981. An awesome array of British musicians nonetheless: Page the mystical riff wizzard, Jones providing devestating bass runs, Plant writing bluesy songs with a twinge of Celtic folklore, and Bonzo's fierce drumming. As their name suggests, Zep could go heavy with raunchy songs like 'Dazed and Confused' or light with pensive songs like 'Tangerine.' Their catalog is impressive and the songs have stood the test of time
When the Led Zeppelin took off they took no quarter.
by Carlos Mack March 03, 2008
God if he were a rock band; pretty much the greatest fucking thing to ever happen to music.
Dumbass: "hey, i think phil collins is comperable to Led Zeppelin."

Any sensible human: "We are no longer speaking."
by JesusZeppelinChrist February 07, 2008
Greatest Band ever.
Led Zeppelin wrote Stairway to Heaven, this song has been voted in many rock magazines as being the greatest song ever with the most influential and powerfull guitar solo ever. This song is so good that a rumor started about Zeppelin having sold their souls for it due to the fact that many people believed mortal men could write such a masterpiece.
by Rush2112 January 28, 2008
A band that was around from 1968-1980 that was to be one of the most influental bands of all time. Comprised of a vocalist that had a variety of pitches (from masculine in In The Evening to high pitched in The Crunge), one of the greatest guitar players of all time, one of the most underrated and talented bassists (he played several other instruments as well), and one of the best drummers of all time (who as a matter of fact was fired from playing in a club and was told he'll never get anywhere, HAH) and combined different sounds into their music. Popular songs include Stairway to Heaven and D'yer Maker. Unique for never releasing any singles.
Led Zeppelin is one of the considered greatest bands of all time without question.
by HannahLynn October 28, 2007

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