The greatest rock band that ever existed who's first album was released in 1969. With Rober Plant on lead vocals, Jimmy Page on guitar, John Bonham on drugs, I mean drums, and John Paul Jones on the bass. Jimmy Page and John Bonham are the best guitarist and best drummer ever, respecitively. Led Zeppelin broke up in 1979 with the death of John Bonham. Every word and every note of every Led Zeppelin song is pure genius. Their songs rock harder everytime I listen to them.
Led Zeppelin wrote "The Song Remains the Same"
by Cory June 24, 2004
the meter stick by which all bands
must measure up to !!!! long live Bonzo !!!!!! Col. jimmy page...***
Led Zepp. is the worlds greatest band
by Col. Jimmy Page MOHAA !!! December 06, 2003
rock band from the 70's to the early 80's famous for such songs as "stairway to heaven" and "ramble on". In other words, the best band that has ever existed.
by gonads September 03, 2003
One of the most influential bands. Made of John Paul Jones, John Henry Bonham, James Patrick Page, and Robert Plant, these four musicians formed in 1968 as the New Yardbirds, but were renamed Led Zeppelin based of a joke made by Relf and Keith Moon. The band dominated the USA, and quickly dominated England, displaced the Beatles on the Top Albums, and created its own universe.

Simply put: They're so effing good that you really can't put them in a's better that way.

If compared to other musicians of today, the person who compared them with some other pop artist or "rock" artist (ex: People think Daughtry is isn't) will be attacked and not be charged.
Person 1: Dude, you should totally listen to the Jonas Bros. They're WAY better than Led Zeppelin.

Person 2: What did you say? You think that three good-looking preps who strum chords about some cheesy
episodes of a High School Musical story are actually BETTER THAN LED ZEPPELIN?

Person 1: Well-

Person 2: Answer carefully...your life depends on it.

Person 1: Yes?

(Person 2 commences mauling and amputation of person 1)


Police: What's going on here?!

Person 2: He said today's music was better than Led Zeppelin

(Police ponders for a bit)

Police: Oh ok, go on ahead.

(Recommence the beating)
by Diego Ugaz May 12, 2008
The best band in music history. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, and John Bonham.
Led Zeppelin classic songs like stairway to heaven, black dog, heart breaker and houses of the holy.
by LZFUCKINGROCKS May 29, 2005
Led Zeppelin, Arguably the best rock band ever, they did a little bit of everything and did it well. Their live performaces were the best, Robert Plant was vocals, Jimmy Page was lead Guitar, John Bonham did drums, and John Paul Jones was Bass Guitar.
How the West was won by, Led Zeppelin fucking rocks all albums out today, and they havent been a band for like 20+ years. That is just sad.
by Johnny B Goode October 03, 2003
The best band ever. Jimmy Page is the best guitarist to ever live.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
The only band from the seventies that can rock this seventeen-year-old's fucking world.
Holy Shit, I was born in the wrong decade; I wanna see Zeppelin.
by Word Up July 25, 2003

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