Greatest Band that has ever lived...with Robert Plant's vocals, and Jimmy Page's guitar skills, they defined the music known as rock!
"Joe, so I finally got the Led Zeppelin box set!"

"Whose that Erich?"

by Iceman March 07, 2005
The only band from the seventies that can rock this seventeen-year-old's fucking world.
Holy Shit, I was born in the wrong decade; I wanna see Zeppelin.
by Word Up July 25, 2003
itz a band. and they own big time
their newest cd "how the west was won" is soooo great! if u havent bought it already, then do so cuz ur missing out.
by razberriezipper July 23, 2003
a great band from the late 60s to 70s; named by Keith Moon of The Who; Puff Daddy ruined Kashmir, while Rage did a good job on "Wake Up"...
"That'll go over like a led zeppelin"
by Akalior L. Majixx June 02, 2003
Up there with the best bands of all time. Pretty much every song they wrote was fucking awesome.
Person 1: Led Zeppelin sucks

Person 2: Achilles Last Stand
The Rain Song
Going To California
The Rover
Since I've Been Loving You
Ramble On
Celebration Day
In The Light
Trampled Under Foot
Stairway To Heaven
Fool In The Rain
Down By The Seaside
Dazed And Confused

Your statement is invalid.
by classic rock, bitch December 19, 2013
Rock band formed in 1968 by guitarist Jimmy Page that became the best band ever.
"I was watching 'The Song Remains The Same' last night, Led Zeppelin is the best band ever."
by JohnnyAngel69 January 23, 2013
gods gift to humanity. led zeppelin is a group of demigods.
"And so forth shall come zeppelin" matthew 2:19

dave:yo wanna come to my place and listen to led zeppelin?

bob:whos zeppelin?

dave: get the fuck away.
by the craig machine July 01, 2010
On the 7th day, God created the greatest band ever. He named them Led Zeppelin.
Person 1: Led Zeppelin is the best band ever.
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 3: Agreed.
Person 4: Definitely.
Person 5: For sure.
by overthehillsandfaraway October 24, 2009

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