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An old, big, heavy car. Said cars were generally built before 1960, had huge engines, and were really fucking heavy.

These cars are some of the favorites of customizers. They generally have good lines and be customized to no end.

Stylish, yet full of horsepower.
You are an idiot. That Pontiac ins't a led sled its just pos. That guys 50 Packard is a real led sled. Its bagged, decked, nosed, dropped,...
by jamerson June 05, 2005
A car, usually from the 50's (i.e. 49/50 mercury, 49-54 chevrolet) that has had custom work done to the body. Usually peaking, chopping, skirts, lake pipes etc. that involved finishing/molding with lead - as in the days before Bondo. Rapdily a lost art, leading is still practiced by a few who appreciate the longevity and other issues present with a modern filler.
Look at that cool 50 Mercury with the frenched lights and lowered lid, that's a real led sled.
by pbrtillidie May 29, 2009
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