short for lebanese, usually refers to Australian lebanese primarily in Sydney, Alot of Anglos label lebs as racist, scum, so on, yet it is them who first came to this country and slaughtered thousands of Native aboriginals, who had been living in this country for years before. They call themself patriots yet they are the biggest mob of racist pigs in Australia. eg is cronulla riots, where thousands of them tured up for a 'peaceful protest', they all got drunk of their heads which is the only tradition or custom they have, and ganged up on any ethnic person they could find leb or not. Lebs are often accused of going around in gangs, but this is misunderstood, They are a proud race who do not back down, they support each other no matter what, they do not take bonds lightly, eg if your family is in trouble, you protect them, its natural instinct, but because other people eg Anglos, are too scared and weak to back up the people they know, Lebs get blamed for being too aggresive. Of course there are some lebs who are plain dickheads, as with any group, this happens, but the stereotype that has been labelled 'leb' is one that is fueled by ignorance, and media looking for a cheap headline.
typical sunday night for lebs: having a family bbq and eiher chatting with family/friends around an argeelah(hubbly bubbly), or taking their cars which have been modified for casual cruises and meeting others in the scene.

ANGLO night: getting together with a group of mates, either going to a pub where you get so pissed you end up attacking someone, or, (more often and cheaper) staying at home with mates and getting drunk with bulk buy beer and also giving it to children for a laugh.
by Me No lie July 10, 2008
Top Definition
people who only fight when they call their cousins or friends
you can fight a leb by himself and win but watch out if he gets his phone out
how do you win a fight witha leb? take out his sim card
by shh August 10, 2004
Also a Canadian term, shortened form of 'Lebanese'. Can be considered derogatory, possibly similar to 'jap'.

In the derogatory sense, it is used to refer to the stereotypical Lebanese male of highschool age - one who is often seen wearing the latest, most expensive fashion trend. The stereotype also has extremely gelled, spiked hair, and drives a 'trendy' import car (eg. 240sx, civic). The stereotypical Leb is quick to anger and to provoke arguments, will engage in physical confrontation provided he has numerous friends in close vicinity, and will stop at nothing to shift blame.
Leb: Yo cousin, check out my new ride. Wullah it has vtec.

Guy: That's a shopping cart.

Leb: Sharmoota!
by smokewrench July 09, 2006
Usually seen around the sydney area of lakemba, auburn, bankstown etc
Walk in groups and death stare the innocent but when a larger group walks by they would put their heads down.
fights in packs and never alone due to their inbread family connections.
Usually when there is a group of 5 or so lebs and are confronted by an azn with a baseball bat they run because they are a bunch of pansies that will only retaliate if they overpower the enemy by 20/1
leb: hit him bro cummon its only one of him
leb2: nah habib he has a bat
leb: dw we got 5 people!
leb2: but im scared
leb: okay lets just run
Leb families usually consist of more than 10+ children which most of them have really bad BO, when you get onto a train with them you can literally suffercate in worse case scenarios.
They usually wear athletic looking clothes like tommy hilfiger, addidas, nike and wear baseball caps. Yet 80% of them are fat, obese, ugly and their body hair is similiar to a gorillas anus.
leb: oh mah goddddd look at that ugly aussie mut (while walking with a group)
leb2: haha did you see him ? he was scared shitless of us habibiii
( larger group of azns walk past )
leb: dont look cuz dont look just keep walking
leb2: omg i think i just shit myself
azns: bunch of fags
by Urban legend 69 December 01, 2007
A bunch of unthankful universal refugees. Lebs show no respect to any sort of kindness to their needy parents.
Local: Hey mate, how did you end up here?
Lebs: Skilled immigration obviously!
by Realitybiteshard May 26, 2009
Leb n. 1. An abbreviated name used colloquially for people from Lebanon or of Lebanese extraction, 2. A derogatory name given to people of Lebanese extraction who are immigrants to or children of Lebanese immigrants in Australia and who conduct themselves in a manner conspicuously anti-social and who are commonly associated with bad taste. Broadly, they are people of Middle-Eastern appearance who usually have an Islamic upbringing, have a chip on their shoulder and who feel bigotry is their prerogative. Lebs usually conduct themselves in groups and work to intimidate others. In Australia, the term "Leb" connotes criminal, thief, geek, coward, racist, thug, one with a lack of culture, one with a lack of education, one who practices intimidation when in a group with other Lebs or with a weapon or when concealed, and someone who discriminates against Australians (non-Lebanese). The term "Leb" has been acquired as a descriptor by the broader community of people of Lebanese extraction and the like after a reputation was earned in the community, notably in Sydney, over a number of years as the sub-group became distinguished by gang-bashings, car-theft and car re-birthing, gun crime, and in particular gang rapes (See: Bilal Skaf) and the Revenge Attacks of December 2005 in connection with the Cronulla Riot. The announcement by the Head of Islam in Australia who led the Lebanese Muslim community that it was okay for Muslim men to rape non-Muslim women in his infamous "Catsmeat" sermon also did much to cement the perception that Lebs were a dysfunctional sub-group within the Australian multicultural mix.
ex 1.

A: Where is he from?

B: His parents are from Lebanon, so he must be a Leb.

ex 2. In Australia, although society works hard to stop the classification, the lowest standing of any group belongs to Lebs.
by Hannibal Barca May 07, 2008
Leb- Meaning peice of shit, goof, rat and slime bucket. Basically travel in groups of 4 - 12 because they are afraid if alone that an anglo can break their legs. Keep all of your money in your wallet because if you dont they are liable to try and beat you for it with 30 of their cousins. They are known for wearing HiKarate cologne and Axe deodarent in large quantaties. they slick their hair back with the used Oil from their honda civics.
a person with bad teeth and hair usually related to a pig
by chris gongware December 19, 2004
Short for Lebanese.
Any Lebanese migrant is a leb or lebo. The lebs from the Lakemba area of Sydney are muslim refugees from their civil war.
Leb children born in Australia are now aged up to 30. these lebs are particularly dangerous from the age of 16. They posess an evil gene which causes them to hunt white girls, then gang rape them.
Lebs are normally found in McDonald's car park in packs of 5 or more, they also can be found in large packs at free entry strip clubs. Often lebs will drive around town repeatedly in a defective 4 cylinder Japanese car. Windows are always down emiting loud bass drum sounds.
Lebs are easy to recognise. Generally they wear expensive looking clothes and jewellery. Hair style is normally spike and mullet with shaved pattern in the sides. Facial hair varies a lot, often a thin line down each cheek. Monobrow shaved or waxed in the centre. Very strong repulsive cologne.
A single leb is harmless and a coward who will not fight. But like rats they have strength in numbers. A threatened leb can quickly summon more lebs to help bash an Aussie who looks at them sideways.
Beware the mobile phone, the leb's most powerful tool. If you accidently startle a leb and he reaches for the mobile, you must destroy the phone immediately, thus rendering the leb harmless.
"you shouldn't catch the train at night. You may get rolled by a pack of filthy lebs."

"That dirty leb wasn't so tuff without all his mates to back him up."
by Adam Johns April 15, 2007

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