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A method of orally consuming cannibis. Made by placing the weed and cheese on a cracker and heating it in a microwave or oven to get the cannibinoids out of the cell walls of the plant. we cannot digest the cellulose so the heating is necessary and thc is fat soluable so it will get mixed in with the cheese. It is commonly a cracker, a slice of cheese on it, and the weed on top, however some people put an extra slice of cheese on top of that. There is also a variation where peanut butter is substituted for the cheese.
At my party I'm going to make a tray of leary biscuits for the guests.
by zimzam December 22, 2006
Similar to a firecracker, a cracker, cheese, and marijuana snack. You take a cracker, put a little cheese on top, and a little weed on top of that. Heat it, eat it. So named because Timothy Leary was supposedly very fond of them.
I prefer Leary biscuit to weed cookies; they're easier to make.
by Tyler November 16, 2004
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