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the name of a cool song that plays alot in southern California. While some call the song degrading and racist it is still fun to dance to. When you lean like a cholo

1. Put your elbows out and fists together.
2. Tilt your body back and forth from side to side.
3. You are now leaning like a cholo.
At the club I like to lean like a cholo while waiting for the bartender to get me my tecate.
by money_shot27 September 04, 2007
A favorite body position of latin gangstas and others in which one shoulder is purposefully lower than the other. This position signifies nonchalance and relaxation and is intended to enhance sexual attraction.
I lean like a cholo whilst drivin my hoop-d, flippin switches, smoking blunts, and gettin some head.
by Chief Rocker Cholo September 13, 2007
A Latino cholo's humoristic stance to represent the cholo lifestyle. It is a side to side lean, waaaay back...with elbows up of coarse. It is the truest form of showing a 'laid back' cholo. It is not meant to be taken seriously.
1) A dance that symbolizes the cholo 'stance.
2) A song and video by Kilo that made the phrase popular world wide.
3) Humorist slang describing a cholo's demeanor.
The song is meant in fun and in jest. I grew up in East LA, and even though I was familiar with cholo's, and was friends with the original Zuit Suiter, it was not until I was playing the bartender on the set of Lean Like A Cholo, and saw how the 'lean' or 'dance' was really done; that I saw they were just having fun. The creator of the song (Kilo) was really poking fun, and seeing the lighter side to the cholo lifestyle. A comedy. It is not meant to be taken seriously. All the copy-caters (including Lean Like A Chola) was simply paying tribute, or doing a parody of the song in it's honor. Similar to Saturday Night Live.
by Bobbi Miller-Moro April 30, 2008
Cholo's can be spotted out commonly as heavy set Mexican-Americans. Their weight is abnormally high because of a diet high in grade E beef (normally found at Taco Bell, Del Taco, or anywhere else taco's can be purchased with a handful of change) and cheap malt liquor. This causes their center of gravity to actually be located exactly at their belly button. This prohibits them from dancing in a normal form (Note: this explains the low ratio of "cholos:jabbawockeez"). Recently, the scientist Kilo produced a documentary about overcoming this hardship. His suggestion is to lean back, "like a cholo". Now that the center of mass is located in the middle of the body it may begin to wobble. This is why he suggests to put your elbows up, and lean side to side. Studies and calculations have proven that Professor Kilo's technique stabilizes any cholo. His methods would later be cross-examined with those of Newton and Kepler to explain gravity and the abundance of dark matter in the universe. Once a cholo does all of these things, their apparent flyness goes off the charts. Scientists across the country lobbied for Kilo's nomination for a Nobel Prize. However, the year of his nomination more popular scientific discoveries ended up winning the prestigious award (one such was for The "Mims" Theorem: Titled "I'm hot cuz I'm fly, you ain't cuz you not"). Later he would be rewarded an Honorary Nobel Peace Prize for lowering the crime rate and obesity rate in southern California.
Person 1 (White male, Age 25): What is that dance you're doing?

Person 2 (Cholo, Age unknown): Sup homes, you jus gotta put yo elbows up side to side. It's called "lean like a cholo".

Person 1: Interesting... Can one do this if they are not a cholo?

Person 2: Ask me another question homes and I'll gut you like a feesh.

Person 1: Next time I'll ask a rock.
by Perry Pete Peterson April 10, 2010
Stance that morbidly obese (for you homies that means "mucho fat") wankstas take when they want to be "recognized" by other "eses."
Me: Pudgy (my dog) may have eaten too much for his own good.
My friend: Yeah, look at him, he's doing the lean like a cholo.
Me: Maybe I can teach him to work the lawnmower.
by Just Bill January 17, 2009
Cholo's are usually fat, so they are afraid of falling, because they can't get up. So when you lean like a cholo, it is an expression that you say to fat people (usually hispanic) meaning that they are about to fall, therefore they need to put their elbows up and move them side to side like a cholo so that they can keep balance, and stay upright.
Lean like a cholo Example:

Person A: "Woooah!"
Person B: "Watch out! You're leaning like a cholo!"
Person A: *puts his elbows up and moves them side to side*
Person B: *phew* :-)
by Daviel May 09, 2008
It is sad that a lot of people like this song, including Mexicans and other latinos. Yea the song is "funny."
But HONESTLY, uhmm......If YOU ARE MEXICAN or LATINO and actually LIKE this song, than you basically LABEL YOURSELF as what the song promotes.
Like a "chola" --basically any mexican or latino girl who is a slut, skank, w/e
lean like a cholo and lean like a chola -- "lean like a chola way up high ,thick eye liner in my eye cruise all day, drink all night, got four kids with three guys. lean like a chola." -------- song by Carmen. If ANY LATINO or LATINA likes this song, than they like labeling themselves as "SLUTS and SKANKS" .....I am so sorry for you LOW-SELF ESTEEMED latinas who actually do, because you AGREE with the song and you don't have ENOUGH pride and courage in your race, but you DO HAVE ENOUGH PRIDE in degrading your sad, especially if you don't like your nationality.....and here in Watson, L.A., San Francisco, California and other cities in the u.s. with latinos who like this song.........all i have to say is.............. ........ ..... ........ ....... .....

by Jenkins Stephany August 04, 2007
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