Cutest Mascot Ever, Dances around and Runs around the field. Dressed up as a Maple Leaf.
The Mascot for MGSH is Leafy, he's so dreamy.
by Kelly Strongms December 09, 2006
1. Dodgy, Sketchy, a situation or thing that causes feelings of discomfort.
2. Day-dreamy, Dopey,
3. Stylish (when refering to gypsy- or hippy-style clothes).
1. That group of guys/back alley was a bit leafy.
2. That girl was nice, but kinda leafy.
3. Leafy dress, Kate - where'd you get it?
by kt23 March 09, 2009
Leafy describes a person who shoves the odd wintery dry leaf down his penis (This does happen!) Often, the person who makes this act is riddled with pain, blood, and serious ridiculement.
An example would possibly be someone who lives near a woodland or forest.
by Jake Neale April 07, 2005
leafy is a fuckign faggot on terraworld
by fatalis October 25, 2003

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