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Le mesh is origonally an alter-ego of one Trevor Boychuk. he was created at at BC Lions football game. erwin horvath asked what the mesh was where the field goal posts where, an important note is that trevor and eriwn where discussing italians using their hands to speak with throughout the day. so trevor responded by saying "it's le mesh". Le meshcis a french guy, who only says his name. in description: he has an elvis lip, the rock eyebrow, and a tongue that is sitting on the outside of the mouth (left side preferably), with teeth closed on top. also a hand is brought to the mouth, the way an italian person speaks, with all the fingers in a hand together. also le mesh speaks while shaking his head uncontrollably. also another important thing to know about le mesh, is he pops pops out of corners, where you least expect him.
trevor did "le mesh" to nick and erwin to make them laugh :)
by nick czapi February 07, 2008
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