Langley, British Columbia.

A small city in Canada about an hour away from Vancouver.
Ay, where you from?
Oh I'm from the LBC.

Representin' the LBC, yo.
by mizTess August 09, 2006
Ladner, British Columbia. A small town, 20 minutes South of Vancouver in Canada.
"I live in the LBC."
by Seth March 29, 2005
Short for Lucky Boys Confusion. Lucky Boys Confusion is a rock band from the Chicago suburbs in DuPage County. Known as LBC by their fans, the group has built a dedicated following by touring furiously throughout the midwest prior to their first major label release in 2001 and continuing to tour relentlessly since then throughout the nation.
LBC's music has been described as a mix of punk, ska, and hip hop.
I just went to a LBC concert. It was fucking amazing; I was pretty stoned.
by wubba November 16, 2005
gay ass fagget city thiniking their harded than the big bad ass CPT
Fuck LBC fagget ass city by the sea compton varrio ur bitchass mothafuckers cant handle compton pendejos
by Comptonera July 07, 2004
it means Long Beach City!!!!! it's not long beach crip...they're just "crips".
i'm pimpin' in the L.B.C. cuh! ....or... person1:where are you from? person2: the L.B.C. cuh!
by sr8gansta67 July 20, 2004
Long Beach City no Long Beach Crip
Hint:not long beach crip, how are you going to chill in the (L.B.C.) long beach "crip".
by osiris November 17, 2003
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