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LBC, man! One of the best band out there! I mean they're all like.. "I'm from Naperville, just like Dan the FREAKIN' MAN!"
And not to mention, they're incredible. They have so much talent that I want to explode.

It's Saturday night and the party's crawlin'
Did you hear the ringin'? It's the bottle callin'
Week after week this is where I'm endin' up...

So on and so forth.
LBC> You.
by Dan the FREAKIN' MAN! June 04, 2004
Only, like, one of the coolest bands ever.
> ordinary
> envy
45 steps to the liquor store
just another breakdown that i can't afford but
can't worry about tomorrow's pain tonight (alright)
by i dont know. November 14, 2004
the coolest band ever
dude lucky boys confusion is awesome
by agustus gibbins February 08, 2004
The fattest band of all time. Totally sweet and awesome. AKA LBC, labuck, or just Lucky Boys. They are from CHICAGO. not Long Beach.
1.) Lucky Boys confusion is the shit. I'm-a go buy their new album right now.
by Fence April 12, 2004
A pretty good band that tries to hide the fact that they're from Naperville, even though all Napervillians know it. (Don’t worry I deny it too, Naperville?? NO! I'm from Lisle!!) First hit was "dumb pop song" it was picked up by Q101
LBC it's all about growing out of it kid
by Mary Margaret June 22, 2005
Awesome, and the fact that they are from Naperville...OMG! I live in Wheaton, tight!!!!
LBC is one of the coolest alternative bands that I know.
by Rock April 25, 2005
A band that ranks highly with the deaf community.
Lucky Boys Confusion has fans that are hearing impaired.
by BlackMagicWoman December 26, 2005
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