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When a girl has really erect nipples but one is pointing off to the side...kinda like a lazy eye, but a nipple.
Wow, it must be cold out...check out her lazy nipple though, HA!
by Heather Medows September 22, 2006
Often the result of a bad boob job, a lazy nipple is one boob/nipple that points off in an odd direction.
That girl needs a refund from her plastic surgeon, she's got a serous lazy nipple.
by robertgregory April 29, 2009
Nipples that are usually inverted or dont stick out. Also nipples that take forever to get hard and dont stay stimulated.
That hoe was lame as fuck she had some lazy nipples.
by nuts4every1 August 09, 2011
When a person is cold or turned on, though only one nipple goes hard.
excuse me but you have a lazy nipple!
by firolanderbree June 20, 2007
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