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tits that just can't be controlled. always popping out, nipples blazing. they have a mind of their own. they used to be g's, but they were downsized. they like to party. they could suffocate a man.
dude i just saw that girl's nipples!!

obviously you did, they're lazertits.
by idontlikethatbitch April 12, 2009
2 more definitions
1. tits that are so outrageous that they're a lethal weapon.
2. tit action that travels at the speed of light.
3. extreme headlights of the mammary kind.
4. futuristic feminine power.
the ladies of lazertitsdotcom displaying their wares.
by lazertitting bandit March 09, 2010
tits that are odly shaped
damn look at her Lazer Tits
by Brielle & Sara May 12, 2011

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