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describes the high from mushrooms containing psilocybin, or magic mushrooms.
"cmon dawg, runnin amuck will waste my lazerface...."
by alogz February 03, 2007
When someone get's really pissed off and has the meanest look on their face! Almost like their about to beat the crap outta you!
Guy 1: Dude, that guy has got a serious Lazer-Face on me!

Guy 2: Well then don't look at him.

Guy 1: I'm trying, but every time i do i get the feeling he's even more pissed off!
by W45H August 30, 2011
To be geeked to the point where anything can happen and anything can be, either being smoked out to the point of hallucionation through sheer exaustion or taking a large amount of psychotropics and/or various narcotics.
Oh my god, Becky! Merlin and i were so lazerfaced! TYVM for that awesome hookup on them "shroomz"!!!

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