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layman is a term used to describe a person that is not a professional at a specific task or field.
Peter was a layman in computer science
by peter.eggman January 13, 2007
Terms designed to be understood by those unfamiliar with the art in question.
Person 1: FDISK uses binary megabytes when displaying drive and partition sizes, not decimal megabytes.

Person2: Laymans terms please

Person 1: Complicated program counts numbers differently to usual
by Dr.Evil July 26, 2004
Manual labour.

In times of war, cannon fodder.
I like to gamble. Occasionally I will don ragged attire and ask Jeaves to drop me off around the corner from the Earl's Court Ladbrokes so I can place a bet or two. I would do it more often were it not for the distasteful proximity to LAYMEN such an activity entails.

"Sir, the German's are approaching our position, what should we do?"
"Right, instruct the laymen to clamber over the trenches and charge the krauts when I blow this whistle"

There seem to a lot of laymen out and about tonight; must be pound-a-pint night at Tiger Tiger.
by marcus_halberstram March 17, 2010
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