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1. The downfall of every race
2. The one mistake God forgot to correct
3. Could possibly be the biggest douche bag ever and is solely responsible for sudden deaths of students in the hallways, collapsed lungs, and cracked ribs
4. A marblecake head/ see heinous, Satan
5. A complete and total idiot. A person lacking intelligence and common sense, see moron.
6. Most times contaminated...likes to dance by themselves at the back of the room
7. Sits on multiple chairs...usually at once."Why can't you sit like a normal person!"-Spadiner.
8. Great dancer(lie) horizontAL
1. "SHIT! Run! The LAYMANATOR'S coming!"
2. Person 1: Whats a diss for the Laymanator?
Person 2: What's not a diss for the Laymanator...
by acidburnedsoul October 25, 2006

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