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to do something poorly, usually regarding some sort of physical activity; bomb it
I'm gonna lay an egg during our mile run today.
by whatserface December 17, 2008
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to fail to make people enjoy or be interested in something.
Our first two sketches got big laughs, but the next two laid an egg. (Lay an egg used in the past tense, laid an egg)
by Jenkins! June 14, 2008
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To defecate. Can be used by either a man or woman, but is more funny when used by a man.
"scuse me, wheres the can? I gotta go lay an egg"
by Wolf89 July 23, 2008
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Similar to the phrase "take a lap". When someone does something extremely stupid, you tell them to go "lay an egg".

The person will either laugh, or feel embarrassed while his/her friends laugh at them.
Carly: When's July 4th?

Jennie: Go lay an egg.
by JLSISTHEBESTT December 06, 2010
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