To have sex with someone.
I laid the pipe on that blonde girl last night.
by urban pervert April 29, 2003
Top Definition
To fuck a girl REAL GOOD.
So hard she's begging and crying for you not to stop and because the orgasm is so damn good.
I laid the pipe WELL on this chick last night. She was shakin' when I got done with her!!
by 4 June 26, 2004
having very hard sex with a girl; owning her box
Damn, that girl looks good. I wanna lay the pipe
by vinny chase December 14, 2006
v. to give da dick
I laid the pipe on that ho EARLY
by NeverU June 06, 2003
act of screwing women's tits
Man, I wanted to lay the pipe with my woman last night but she said, "You aint putting your dick in my boobs".

My woman has big ass boobs so laying the pipe with her was off the chain!
by Tap Dat#1 August 01, 2012
to rail a chick from the back
id lay the pipe to that skank ass ho!
by Josh Aussems March 25, 2005
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