1)The pronounciation of "LOL" as seen off the internet.
2)An acronym of "Laugh out loud"
"Hahahahahahaha! Lawl!"
"Oh my God! I was Lawling all over when he said that."
by Ekori November 29, 2005
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Verbal pronounciantion of LOL.
Lawl, I almost PMSL when he passed out on cam and fell off that chair.
by JCroce September 07, 2008
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"lol" but when you say it out loud. you can also say lawlz, which is "lolz". LAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWLL!!
Maya: The teacher does not look good with a beard.
Jamie: I KNOW!!
Maya: I'm gonna get him a razor and shave cream for christmas.
Jamie: LAWL! you SO should!
by jamielovesmaya December 30, 2007
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1. The same as lol. Used to express amusement or as a sarcastic comment.

2. A mocking term for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The term was coined amongst HC SSB Melee players who think Brawl is inferior to Melee. There's presumably also some bitterness involved since Brawl, which is said to have a lower learning curve, was made for everyone and not only the fighting game fans.
1. lawl wtf?

2. Okay kids, let's play Lawl.
by jimmybone D April 30, 2009
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lol a weird similar to lol, meaning 'laugh out loud'.
Part of laugh. To lawl or lol can be laughing about someone or something. Mostly used in games, or over IM.
Mike: *Telling a Joke*
Tim: lawl

Lucy: She's so fat
Gina: lawl

by BiO HaZzard May 26, 2007
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Lawl, as in lol in a sarcastic way in some cases. Lawl can also mean Laughing A Whole Lot.


Ex 2: haha, that joke that guy told me was so funny i was lawl.
by Nathansanch November 11, 2007
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1) literally the sound when saying lol out loud
2) defined as "laughs at weird loser"
Person A: George Bush is one sexy beast. Literally.
Person B: You made me lawl.
by Baka-desu May 16, 2007
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