or how to pronounce lol
this is hard

thats what she said

by lindsss:] January 07, 2009
Laughing a working lung
I saw the video and I lawl'd
by Anominnous April 25, 2010
LAWL - 1)to be full of joy and excitment, can be used in any word with the letter L. 2) when used in any word with the letter L, adds joyus expression to that word.
Have you been to the LAWLbriary latley?
by Attack of the monkeys March 19, 2010
"Laugh all Wale like"

LAWL is used in place of lol or other laughing notions. Extreme Jeydon Wale (A.K.A Hunter) fans use this.

Jeydon Wale is a youtube star with thousands of girls trying to stalk him. Mostly girls ages 10+ use this because they are obsessed with an 18 year old that they have no chance with.
"dude that blonde joke made me lawl"

Person 1: "the blonde was like how many is a brazilian?"
Person 2: "LAWL!!"
Person 1: "IKNOW lawl!!!"
by PB and Jaye March 14, 2010
"lawl" is the vocalization of the acronym "LOL", but it is effectively its own acronym. lawl := "laughing at worthy lulz", "luxurious amounts of wild lulziness"
In rare circumstances, "lawl" is a contraction of "lacking an awl", meaning that your textual conferrer, had he an awl handy, actually would intend to poke your eye out with it.
Person 1: "i herd a rumor on the internetz.. that u tried 2 acronymize lawl?"
Person 2: "yz liek srsly"
Person 1: "dude wtf lawl"
by Desperate Psychenaut February 20, 2010
Word used in place of 'lol'. Usually used as the pronounciation of 'lol'.
When someone falls down the stairs instead of laughing at them you might say "lawl". (Of course in response they might punch you in the face)
by Sosinmymind February 17, 2010
Laughing A Whole Lot. (Acronym) used in online chat.

Synonym- LOL (laugh out loud)
Betty: John is such a moron.

Katy: lawl
by Princess Amber January 01, 2010
"lawl" means "Laughing A Whole Lot" referred to as "lol"
You: why did the chicken cross the road?
Friend: why?
You: to get to the other side!!
Friend: lawl, that was so funny!
by TADSholly November 30, 2009

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