A device used by the US government to hypnotise innocent hippies looking for something cool to look at while tripping on LSD.
You see, it first started back in the 60's when the US government was developing a new prototype mind control device. They finished it, and it ended up looking like a rocketship filled with water and oil. Rather cheap design for a mind control device. Anyway, they distributed it amongst local normal teenagers, along with a drug called LSD. They gave the teens LSD, and advised them to stare at the "lava lamp" The result was the kids immediately wanting to be peaceful and rebelling against the government. This created a huge wave of protesting minions called "hippies," see, hippies. Finally, when the government's army was complete, they waited to give the signal in 1967 for all the minions to gather and do LSD together, and wipe out all their brains, and create a huge army of minion zombies to send into the Vietnam war. The government's code name for this act was the "Summer of Love." Unfortunately, the government's plan backfired, and all the hippies revolted, raising their lava lamps into the air, and marched and protested going to war. The government still today denies that they had anything to do with the invention of the lava lamp or LSD.
Government: Here kids take this lava lamp, and this acid.
Kids: Ok man, sure.
Kids: WOA, this is cool!!!! I see flowers... and beads.... and flowers... and woa that lava lamp is cool.
by The Ultimate Membrane dude October 19, 2004
Top Definition
The best kind of lamp.
My friend has a lava lamp and we like to trip out and stare at it.
by Celeste A. March 18, 2006
A groovy lamp that is fun to stare at for hours on end. Best when you're high on weed
Whoa. Pretty bubbles.
by Acid God February 26, 2003
1. Lamp which people could stare at for hours.
2. Girl/Guy who are fun to look at, but not too bright.
I stared at the lava lamp for 8 hours yesterday, it was awsome.
That chick I was with last night is a lava lamp.
by R.I.Pierce March 16, 2007
A light that protects you from the dark in a groovy way
Stephanie: I think Mckay put it there......(lava lamp)
Nicole: your just afraid of the dark :p
by Nickyelf-migero February 24, 2011
(n./v.) to masturbate into a condom and then fill it with water and tie it. thus creating a lava lamp-like object to be hidden in the houses of friends as a revolting prank.
we lava lamped his underwear drawer and he didnt know what to do.

we put the lava lamp in his car and when he found it, it popped.
by thelavalampingbandit August 17, 2010
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