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Launa is a tropical name. Females with this name are drop dead gorgeous and highly popular. While they are highly popular they are not snobby or superficial. A Launa always has a good sense of empathy and can endure much. Since much is probably endured they must have someone or something to put their emotions into. They also enjoy a sanguine environment. If environment is melancholic they do their best to lighten the mood and/or work with others to create the atmosphere most pleasurable. Launas are very caring and loving, but just don't have the right way to say things. Odds and odds, they are one of the best friends you can find and will never betray you. While they don't like talking about their own personal issues unless you're close to them; they love listening to yours.
"Need to vent or talk about something? Talk to Launa she always listens!"
by Polka-polka-poke-a-dot February 13, 2014