wat happens when your watching a male/female and you suddenly start to have a laughing fit.
Aw, that bitch made me have a laughgasm right after i started drinking my milk.
by cacattack55 November 07, 2006
Top Definition
that "ooh" orgasm noise a person makes after a really good laugh.
::laughing::....oooooooh, ooh, that was a good laughgasm.
by michelle k September 10, 2006
n. the cathartic release of endorphins resulting from uncontrollable laughter.
"Oh man, I can't stop laughing--look, tears!"

"Dude, you just had a laughgasm."
by Coromandel July 10, 2008
A sudden and spontaneous outburst of laughter.
That comic the other night at Yuk Yuk's was pretty funny. He managed to make me laughgasm.
by heartcore November 28, 2005
It is where you laugh so damn hard you bring your self to orgasm with out touching your self... Where you see some thing funny and sexual at the same time... Or doing some thing during sex like a prank or telling a joke...
Dude pulled out a whoopee cushion while we had sex oh boy I had a laughgasm. The dude had a joy buzzer and shocked me during sex and it made me have a laughgasm.
by Andrea February 10, 2005

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