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another word for lesbian,
the origins of latvian meaning lesbian was a homophobic person with a speech impediment, that made lesbian sound like latvian.

no offence to any latvians
or lesbians
gah that crazy latvian is really pissing me off!
did u know that tinas a latvian
by meji September 05, 2005
a person from Latvia
Man, Vitauts is such a latvian.
by Raven January 01, 2003
an awesome person; totally chill; party hard drinker; comes from eastern europe; best partier; pleasures guys; knows how to have a good time; beautiful girls; sexy guys
person 1: wow, who is that she's awesome!
person 2: oh, that's a latvian;]
by yebro April 16, 2011
A tall gazelle-like person who drinks beer and jumps over things.
Hey look, it's Ed the Latvian!
by Tom The Greek February 23, 2004