the female part of the body that is commonly used for oral sex
"that girl had the sweetest latte"
by carsu January 27, 2008
Yeah whatever that fancy coffee drink bullshit that some people have because they feel as though regular coffee isnt good enough. Let me tell you something buddy, unless your a girl, dont drink it. The story i have under example is awesome.
I was at dunkin donuts with my friend once, and while i was at the counter, i ordered a regular coffee, my friend ordered a coffee, and some guy before us got a special latte lite or some stupid shit like that, and soon after, a different guy after me started talking to me and expressing his opinion about lattes. He had a great point. He said "yeah you know latte's are such a fag drink, you should only get one if your a woman, not a guy, what a faggot". And you know what, he was fucking right, i never thought about it like that before but what he said was fuckin hilarious.
by MYNAMEIST January 19, 2007
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