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Literally: Milk
*In Italy*

"Gimme a Latte, Hombre"

*receives cold milk*
by Eyeglasses November 19, 2011
When you are really tired and you are late to work because you HAD to stop and pickup coffee on the way in.
I'm running latte this morning.
by Jehanne August 12, 2009
Something that is so bad it's good!
That TV show is sooooo latte
by bumpsted October 10, 2009
Milky coffee pronounced "Lart-tay" by everyone that isn't of italian origin.
Let's go get some lattes!
by Principess February 15, 2007
Simply the italian equivalent of the English words "steamed milk"...used to influenced American idiots into paying $3 for a drink they could easily make at home at much less expense.
Ohhh...a latte! I love getting those at Starbucks, they're such a high end restaurant...
by mike potter September 11, 2005
a white Latina
That Latte thinks Taco Bell is good mexican food.
by Sort Of October 24, 2008
A wonderful, magnificent drink. Usually served hot, but can be cold (frozen lattes).
"Pick me up a latte at the coffee shop."
by Kompassion Kid September 02, 2005